What Are Annatto Seeds? The Surprising Facts About Using Annatto Seeds For Skin

Date: November 17, 2023 | epnwd

Exploring the realm of hidden gems for natural skincare is vital. Ayurveda has taught us nature holds the secret to good health and spotless skin. Thanks to their extensive history and adaptable qualities, annatto seeds are one such hidden gem of nature that many are not aware of. You must be wondering what are annatto seeds or about annatto seeds benefits for skin. In this blog, we’ll explore the intriguing world of annatto seeds and their many uses. 

What are Annatto Seeds?

Annatto seeds are reddish orangish-coloured seeds of the Achiote tree (Bixa Orellana). They are indigenous to tropical regions of Central and South America. Annatto seeds are known for their culinary and therapeutic applications. 

However, their usage has also been seen in the textile, and cosmetics industry as a natural colouring agent. 

Uses of Annatto Seeds

Apart from being used as a colouring agent, annatto seeds have several health advantages and uses. From treatments for diabetes, fluid retention or hepatitis these antioxidant-rich seeds are used extensively in the medicine field. 

Traditionally annatto seed uses were also seen for body painting purposes or to treat burns. 

Annatto Seeds Benefit For Skin

With numerous annatto seeds benefits for skin it is a great ingredient for your skincare. Let us check out some of the benefits of annatto seeds for the skin. 

  1. Skin Nourishing Properties 

With their abundance of nutrients, anatto seeds are a great complement to any skincare regimen. They have powerful antioxidants called carotenoids, which shield your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, annatto seeds are a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin E, which hydrates and delays the ageing process of the skin.

  1. Rich in Antioxidants

Annatto seeds’ carotenoids reduce oxidative stress and its damaging effects on the skin by scavenging free radicals. By lowering inflammation, this antioxidant action helps manage skin problems like eczema and acne in addition to promoting younger-looking skin. (1)

  1. Natural Sunscreen 

Did you know one of the most important annatto seeds benefits for skin is in it being a natural sunscreen? Annatto seeds are naturally able to offer some degree of protection from the sun. The carotenoids provide an additional line of defence against sun damage by helping to protect your skin from damaging UV radiation. An invaluable complement to your sun protection routine, annatto-infused products are not a substitute for sunscreen. (2)

  1. Natural Skin Brightener

Annatto seeds are a natural way to brighten uneven skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and achieve a more radiant complexion because they contain components that limit the skin’s overproduction of melanin. Frequent use might aid in the fading of acne scars and dark areas on your face.

  1. Natural Pigment for Lips 

The pigment-rich annatto seeds also help to add a natural hue to the lips. Use lip care products with annatto seeds for healthy-looking lips. (3) 

How to incorporate annatto extracts in skincare 

Reap annatto seeds benefit for skin by incorporating skincare products with annatto seeds in your routine. Sadhev Herbal Lip Gel with annatto seeds, castor oil and coconut is the perfect blend for healthy-looking nourished lips. It is especially useful for anyone complaining about dry chapped lips. The annatto extracts offer a bright pop of orange on your lips whereas the Alkanet root gives a beautiful ruby-red hue. 

Add this lip gel with annatto seeds to your winter care routine and say bye to chapped lips. It comes with a wand applicator that makes application easy. Moreover, the travel-friendly packaging helps you to carry it along easily. This lip gel is suitable for both men and women because it is vegan, paraben and sulphate-free. 

In the world of skincare, the value of annatto seeds is unrivalled.  Annatto seed’s benefits for skin range from their nutrient-rich structure to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Annatto seeds are a desirable ingredient to your skincare routine because of their inherent UV protection, skin-brightening properties, and ability to lessen hyperpigmentation. Trust Sadhev to bring the best of nature to your skincare because we formulate our products based on 200-year-old Ayurvedic wisdom. 

FAQs on Annatto Seeds For Skin

 What is annatto called in India?

Annatto seeds are known by different names in India like Sindurpushpi or Sinduri in Sanskrit. In Ayurveda, it is also referred to as Trishnapushpi, Sukomala, Raktabija or Karchchandha. In Hindi, it is known as Jafra. 

What is annatto seed used for?

Annatto seeds with a brilliant hue have been traditionally used for body painting, for treating skin issues and even as a sunscreen. 

What does Annatto do for the skin?

There are various skin-benefiting properties of annatto seeds. The antioxidant-rich carotenoids in annatto shield the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Moreover, they have anti-inflammatory properties that lessen skin inflammation. They also serve as a natural sunscreen to provide a healthy pigment to the lips. 


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