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Ayurveda handed-down

The essence of 200-year old ancestral wisdom

Sadhev comes from artisanal ayurvaids whose roots go back to Kerala. We’ve been practising and passing on the 5000 year old art with our 200-year old ancestral wisdom. Perfecting the art of Ayurveda generation after generation.

The Art of Ayurveda

Sadhev’s concept of Ayurveda is a way of life that brings about a synchrony among body, mind and soul . By elegantly pouring the science of Ayurveda into every creation giving birth to the art of life, art of living – the art of Ayurveda itself.

Back Home to Nature

We want to take you back to a time where you will feel at home. And we do that by making you feel comfortable in your own skin. Like in the olden times, when our ancestors concocted magic elixirs and miracle potions.

Sadhev Advantages

Handcrafted in India