What is Liquorice? Benefits of Liquorice for Skin

Date: August 25, 2023 | epnwd

Liquorice root or mulethi has been revered for centuries in Ayurveda for all the outstanding health benefits that it possesses. But the benefits of liquorice extend way beyond medical endowments. Its benefits for the skin are as prodigal as it gets!

We are sure, you must have heard your mom or grandma, telling you to have ‘mulethi ka paani’ whenever you have a cold. Well, guess what, they are absolutely correct! The range of mulethi benefits for your health and skin is super impressive and once you get to know them, you are going to really want to incorporate this wonder ingredient in your skincare routine. 

What is Liquorice? 

Liquorice is a perennial plant that goes by the scientific name of Glycyrrhiza glabra. It is mainly found in different parts of Europe and Asia. The liquorice root is the most used part of this plant and it is known for its distinctive flavour and earthy taste. 

It has different names in different regions such as sweet root, Gan Cao, Mulethi, Yashtimadhu, etc. No matter what the colloquial reference is, this magical plant has immense benefits to behold. 

Let Us Take A Look At Some Impressive Mulethi Benefits 

There are a number of yashtimadhu benefits that make this ingredient a skincare superhero. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • It Has Skin Soothing Benefits

Liquorice has anti-inflammatory benefits (1) and therefore it can be very beneficial in calming down irritated skin. Therefore, it can be a great ingredient for skincare products that address and alleviate pesky skin conditions such as eczema.

  • It Will Make Your Skin Radiant

When we talk about liquorice benefits for skin, we have to talk about its ability to target dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It contains glabridin (2) which can help in giving you a radiant and seamless complexion. 

  • It Is Full Of Antioxidants 

Mulethi is a powerhouse of antioxidants that can do a fine job of protecting your skin from oxidative damage. This bodes well for your overall skin health. 

  • It Is A Natural Flavouring Agent 

Liquorice has numerous health and skincare benefits. It is also widely used in the confectionery industry as it is a natural sweetener. Bakers and chefs use it in their culinary creations to impart an exceptional taste to the dish. (3)

  • It Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Liquorice root has natural skin-hydrating properties that can work like a dream on your dry skin. By locking in that much-needed moisture in your skin, it can make your skin look smooth, supple and healthy. Check out the Sadhev Ayurvedic Hydrating Day Cream to enrich your skin with the bountiful benefits of this wondrous ingredient. 

  • It Can Help With Acid Reflux Symptoms 

Out of the numerous benefits of liquorice, what stands out is its ability to help you with indigestion and acid reflux. However, it is always a good idea to consult your healthcare provider about the use of mulethi for this purpose, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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How To Use Liquorice For Skincare 

If you wish to experience the liquorice uses for skin, you can adhere to the following points:

  • Choose Your Skincare Products Carefully 

You can check out a trusted brand like Sadhev and check out their range of skin care products. You can check out the list of ingredients to see if it suits your skin type and texture. You can check out the Sadhev Sunscreen SPF 30 which is enriched with liquorice, carrots and other prodigal ingredients. 

  • Always Do A Patch Test 

Before incorporating any product in their skincare routine, it is always advisable to do a patch test to look for any signs of skin irritation and itching. 

  • Always Stay Consistent With Your Skin Care Routine 

To experience the full range of yashtimadhu benefits, you should always stay consistent with your skincare routine. Needless to say, consistency is the key to achieving desired results for your skin-related goals. 


Liquorice or mulethi is a natural ingredient that has had long-standing medicinal and cosmetic benefits. From hydrating your skin to infusing it with all the necessary antioxidants, liquorice can truly become your skincare ally. Having said that, it is imperative for you to choose liquorice skin care products that are enriched with the right ingredients to resonate with your specific skin requirements. Hence, always trust a reputed brand such as Sadhev to buy these products. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best mulethi-infused Ayurvedic skincare products and see them work their magic on your skin. 

FAQs on Liquorice Benefits for Skin

  • Does liquorice brighten skin?

Yes. liquorice contains glabridin which can play a significant role in brightening your skin tone. (4) You can consistently use mulethi-infused skincare products to experience noteworthy benefits. 

  • Does liquorice remove tan?

Yes. One of the best liquorice benefits for the skin is that it can work wonders for dark spots and pigmentation. You can use it in the form of DIY masks and skincare products to minimise skin tan. 

  • Can I use liquorice products on sensitive skin?

Licorice is a natural ingredient and hence it should resonate with all skin types. However, you can perform a patch test, to see if that product suits your skin type. 

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