7 Amazing Benefits Of Using Castor Oil For Skin

Date: October 30, 2023 | epnwd

Are you on a quest to gain radiant and flawless skin that radiates shine? 

Look no further than castor oil. 

Yes, you heard that right.  

For many of us, castor oil might take us down memory lane when our grandma used it to treat various stomach problems. 

But, believe us when we say that castor oil does much more than just treat your upset stomach. Castor oil is a skincare superhero with a wide range of abilities, from eradicating blemishes to reviving dull skin. In this blog, we’ll take you through 7 astonishing castor oil benefits for the face.

Origin Of Castor Oil 

Castor oil is a type of vegetable oil made from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. This plant is majorly grown in the regions of Africa, South America, and India.

Cold-pressing the castor seeds and subsequent heating yield castor oil. 

It is believed that castor oil’s medical benefits were first discovered in ancient Egypt when the oil was widely considered an immunity-booster elixir. Its emollient qualities were highly valued by the ancient Egyptians, who used them to protect their skin from the arid desert environment and keep it moisturised.

Nutrients In Castor Oil 

Castor oil comprises of Vitamin E, Omega-9 fatty acid and Omega-6 fatty acid. The fatty acid ricinoleic acid is the active component of castor oil. 

The Benefits Of Castor Oil For Face

Castor oil’s natural ability to reduce skin irritation and boost blood circulation makes it a valuable ingredient in many skincare products. Know the various benefits of castor oil for the skin and let your skin thank you.

1. Evens Out Skin Tone

Ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid, present in castor oil helps smoothen your skin and by reducing the appearance of various skin issues such as acne, blemishes, pigmentation, etc. (2)

2. Moisturises Skin

The presence of triglycerides in castor oil and its humectant properties aid in moisturising the skin, making it ideal for those with dry, chapped and flaky skin. Castor oil draws moisture from the air and keeps your skin plump and hydrated for long. 

3. Soothes Your Skin From Sun Damage

Even though aloe receives the majority of attention when it comes to sunburn healing remedies (which it deserves, undeniably), however, castor oil is another potent ingredient that can soothe your skin from sun damage. When castor oil is applied straight to burnt skin it produces a slight cooling sensation thus quickly relieving the excruciating prickly agony. The ricinoleic acid in the castor oil, on the other hand, can aid in minimising future inflammation. (3)

4. Castor Oil For Acne 

Very few individuals know about the miraculous qualities of castor oil for healing acne. Being low on the comedogenic scale and having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, castor oil helps clear clogged pores that lead to acne or pimples. (4)

5. Aids In Reducing Puffiness

The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil not only aid in soothing redness and itchiness but also help combat under-eye swelling and puffiness that leads to flare-ups or under-eye dark circles. 

6. Slow Down Early Signs Of Ageing

Castor oil is highly sought after since it works so well as an anti-ageing ingredient. Because it is incredibly rich in antioxidants that slow down the ageing process, it helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, which are both signs of ageing. Additionally, due to its moisturising qualities, it smoothes and hydrates the skin preventing it from appearing dry, drab and shrivelled up. 

7. Moisturises Dry & Chapped Lips

The moisturising qualities of castor oil aren’t limited to healing dry and dull skin, it also hydrates the flaky and chapped skin on lips, making your lips appear plump and dewy as fresh rose petals. 

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How To Use Castor Oil In Your Skincare 

You can use castor oil in your skincare routine in various ways. 

For your Body:

You don’t have to go any messy way to include castor oil in your skincare routine. Sadhev brings you premium skincare and body care products infused with the richness of castor oil. 

Sadhev’s range of body shower oils is infused with the richness of castor oil that helps nourish and hydrate your skin, thus reducing the early signs of ageing. You can pick from Rose, Magnolia, Vanilla and much more. 

The best way to use them is to include any of your favourite body shower oils in your bathing routine.

Just a coin-sized amount and supple and smooth skin await you. 

For your Lips:

Want a pout-perfect picture? But do those dry and flaky lips hold you back? 

Worry not, Sadhev’s Herbal Lip Gel is a soulful blend of natural ingredients like coconut oil, and castor oil both of which work together to moisturise and hydrate your lips. Further, the presence of annatto seeds and alkanet root gives your lips a pop of orange-red colour. 

So, what’s stopping you from including this magical ingredient in your skincare routine? Reap in the maximum benefits of castor oil for skin with skincare products from Sadhev and be ready to witness a glow like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions On Castor Oil For Skin

Castor oil is best for which skin type?

Castor oil is excellent for dry skin on the body, the face, and the lips because it has triglycerides that draw moisture from the air into the skin to keep it hydrated.

Is castor oil safe for the skin?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to apply castor oil on the skin. 

Can I use castor oil for skin brightening?

By improving the overall skin appearance and enhancing skin elasticity, castor oil helps brighten the skin. 


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