Sadhev Nalpamaradi Tailam

The Art

The ever so beguiling queens from the Pandalam dynasty were believed to illuminate their faces with the potion extracted out of the barks of 4 different trees carefully blended with Turmeric, Sesame and Vetiver.

Sadhev’s Nalpamaradi Tailam is a pre shower oil our ancestors poured themselves into. It blends the essence of 4 tree barks with a 200 year old ancestral wisdom to give the full body a glow.


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Turmeric blessed from nutrient rich soil is a natural antiseptic with anti inflammatory abilities that soothes dry skin and reduces the effect of ageing gracefully.

Sesame Seeds are widely used to enhance the natural glow of the skin. They offer the right amount of moisture and help in healing by eliminating pathogens.

Vetiver is a blessing from mother Earth that has a deep moisturizing ability. It aids in cell regeneration for spotless skin.

Indian Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that illuminates the skin, making it supple to touch.

Sadhev’s Nalpamaradi Tailam is ideal for tanned and dry skin. It rejuvenates and offers an even tone to bring about an illuminating afterglow.

Take a palm full of Sadhev’s Nalpamaradi Tailam and apply gradually on the face, neck and body using slow upward strokes before bathing. Keep the oil on for at least 20 minutes for an ideal effect.

Sadhev’s Nalpamaradi Tailam provides an incredible nourishing glow to the skin and rejuvenates the delicate tissues to offer an even tone.

Gentle on the earth and on our skin, this product is natural, vegan, cruelty free, plant based, free from petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, additives and other synthetic substances.

We take pride in taking time and handcrafting every single product of ours to enchant you with Ayurveda of the utmost quality. All our packaging is of the highest quality to ensure that the bio potency of our ingredients remains as is throughout your journey with our product.

This purchase helps us give back to mother nature. We will plant one tree on your behalf for your contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It’s a pre-shower body oil. Please apply this oil all over the body and leave it for atleast 20 min before taking shower.

Yes. This can be used by both men and women. It’s also called “Golden Glow” oil for the golden sheen that it gives to your skin with continued usage.

Nalpamaradi refers to a recipe mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic text. It blends the essence of the bark of four different banyan trees along with 13 powerful herbs to give this magical potion.

It’s made of natural herbs. It might leave a stain on clothes. Please wash off post 20 minutes of application.