How To Heal And Prevent Chapped Lips Naturally?

Date: March 24, 2023 | Shweta Shettigar

Winters are here which can mean a lot of things. Christmas, the new year and so many jolly holidays accompanied by even yummier sweets and delicacies but also a dreadful, dreadful dryness. This dryness, coming from the lack of moisture in the air, will envelop you entirely until your skin is flaky and acne prone, your hair is falling off and you are running out of the patience to deal with all of it.

The most frustrating feature in all of this will be your lips. You heard that right- not your hair, not your face, not your skin, but your lips. Wonder why? It’s simple, really. While your body can produce its own oil and thus keep your skin moisturized to a certain degree (no this does not mean you will stop hydrating yourself or taking care of your skin), your lips don’t have their own oil glands. Winters might lead to them getting extremely chapped and you may be left with questions and annoyance.

If you deal with chapped lips as it is, or it has only become a recent problem for you, you’ve come to the right place! Keep scrolling to know what is happening and how you can deal with your chapped lips naturally to heal and protect them from the evil claws of dryness.

Why is this happening?

Our lips have a very thin layer of skin which makes it more receptive to dryness and other issues. Factors such as smoking, dehydration, improper makeup removal, vitamin deficiency, allergic reactions etc can easily lead to an oversurge of dryness on the lips. This may only surge owing to the current season if you do not take care of it.

You may look for solace in acidic or other scientifically made ingredients to initiate your treatment completely but this might lead to more issues than solving the already existing ones. Chemicals may only worsen your lips’ extra sensitivity which in turn will massively hinder their healing.

Luckily for you, we have found natural ingredients that you MUST have in your lip care products.

3 Natural Ingredients To Prevent Chapped Lips

Rewarding Natural Ingredients

Countless cultures encourage the usage of natural products made in the vastness of nature to add a very pure moisture and even tint to your lipsticks. Many ancient queens, especially in Egypt, were known to use berries and other oils to maintain the plushness of their lips and are known today to have had fantastic features only adorned by time.

Castor Oil

Excreted from the seeds of the castor plant, castor oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. Its thick but consistent texture massively hydrates the lips and keeps them hydrated despite external conditions. It helps in the prevention of water loss from the lips, thus maintaining and conserving their natural hydration.

To ensure you don’t get an allergic reaction, apply it to the forearm and closely observe your skin for 24 hours. If it seems normal, go ahead with its direct application on your lips and bask in the results!

Coconut Oil

Obtained from, quite literally, a coconut, coconut oil is easily the most easily available oil in the markets. It is highly accessible and flexible in its use. In fact, people use it for cooking, consumption and even skin or hair appliances which proves its versatility. 

Coconut hair also has a huge amount of moisturizing effects that make it so clearly loved and adored by a huge majority of the public. Owing to its anti-inflammatory and swelling reducing properties, coconut oil can also help you in healing your burned or cracked lips if you have them.

You simply have to dab a few drops gently on your lips whenever you want to, as frequently as you wish and you’ll be good to go. You can also get yourself a lip balm that contains coconut oil as one of its ingredients if you wish to unlock the goodness of many natural products together. That will furnish the treatment your lips will get, making them a lot more smoother, shinier and thus healthier.

Additionally, you can use coconut oil as a nighttime mask by applying it with honey before you go to bed and then gently cleaning your lips once you wake up. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Annatto Seeds, Alkanet Root and Beetroot

Do you love tint too much? Is that why you end up investing in different shades of lipstick whose appliance makes your lips a million times drier than they are already? Don’t worry. Instead of using chemically prepared items for dye, you can simply use natural products such as annatto seeds, alkanet root and beetroot to give your lips and even your skin the tint they will supremely flourish in.

Annatto seeds will give a reddish orange tint to your lips in addition to ensure your lips remain soft, moisturized and hydrated. They have a natural antibacterial nature which will help in the prevention of scarring and heat damage.

Alkanet is used in oils too and gives a natural ruby red color to your lips which you can deepen by applying more layers of it over your lips to be party-ready instantly. Imagine people asking you where you got your lipstick from only for you to tell them it’s all natural.

Finally, what you MUST do 

Eat good food, carry your fragrance and dye-free lip balms with you always, cut down on the extra use of lipsticks and hydrate! As long as you keep your body loaded with water and ensure your skin is getting enough hydration that matches its needs, you are good to go and will find your lips naturally healing and shielding themselves from the infectors available in the environment.

You may also find a lip balm or a mask that has the ingredients offered above so that your skin treatment can be as natural as it should be and offer quick results in absolutely no time! You will be amazed and find yourself gushing over the glowing look of your own skin and lips.

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