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Sadhev Rose Water – 150ml

Sadhev’s Rose Water is a sweet fusion of handpicked centifolia roses and the essence of a 2oo year old ancestral wisdom steamed, distilled and bottled.


Sadhev Herbal Body Lotion – 200ml

Sadhev’s Herbal Body Lotion is poetry for the skin. It is a bottle of indulgence that carefully repairs and restores dry and rough patches thereby gently hydrating and polishing the skin, leaving it sensually luminous, exceptionally smooth and incredibly desirable.


Sadhev Melon & Aloe Vera Bathing Bar – 125gms

Sadhev’s Melon & Aloe Vera Bathing Bar is infused with the rich essence of Sweet Almond Oil and Wheat Germ Oil that naturally reawakens the skin into a soft bloom.


Sadhev Orange & Cinnamon Bathing Bar – 125gms

Sadhev’s Orange & Cinnamon Bathing Bar is a blissful blend of the goodness of citrus and the antioxidant essence of the Cinnamon Bark from tropical Kerala.


Sadhev Vetiver & Chocolate Bathing Bar – 125gms

Sadhev’s Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar is lovingly handcrafted using pure Sandalwood from the estates of Mysore and Red Saffron that is carefully extracted within 24 hours of harvest from the valleys of Kashmir. This luxurious blend of Sandal & Saffron helps provide an even toned radiance and a luminous afterglow to the skin.


Sadhev Coconut Shower Oil- 200ml

Sadhev’s Coconut Shower Oil is a shower oil of ancestral blessings spirited with luxurious therapeutic properties that bring a tender luminosity to the skin by moisturizing it and rejuvenating it.


Sadhev Virgin Coconut Oil – 150ml

Sadhev’s Virgin Coconut Oil is spirited with luxurious therapeutic properties that can rejuvenate and bring radiance to the skin and an extravagant luminosity to the hair.