4 Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Problem-Free Skin

Date: November 24, 2023 | epnwd

Remember those champi times of your childhood when your mom or grandmom swore by coconut oil for healthy hair? But did you know the humble coconut oil for skin is an elixir? Yes, virgin coconut oil is way more than just a hair oil. With the goodness of natural fats extra virgin coconut oil is beneficial for nourishing skin. In this blog, let us check out how applying coconut oil on face can help you and the various benefits of extra virgin coconut oil. 

What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconut milk and is pure and unprocessed. The extraction of extra virgin coconut oil is done through a cold-pressing technique which doesn’t involve any heat and this way it can retain all its valuable nutrition, flavour and nutty aroma. 

How is virgin coconut oil different from regular coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil differs from regular coconut oil in the way they are extracted. Using a cold-press technique, virgin coconut oil is produced from fresh coconut milk while maintaining its flavour and natural qualities. Regular coconut oil is usually derived from dehydrated coconut flesh and may go through refining procedures. During refining, it can lose some of its nutrition, aroma and benefits. Extra virgin coconut oil is regarded as a superior choice because it undergoes less processing.

5 Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil 

Ayurveda regards coconut oil as a skin elixir due to its various skin-healing abilities. As per Ayurveda, coconut oil functions as a natural coolant, aiding in the reduction of fire elements in an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional attributes. 

Coconut oil has unique healing and therapeutic qualities. Because of this, it can be used for anything and everything: cooking, massage, aromatherapy, hair, and skin!

Now that we know how virgin coconut oil is extracted let us look at how beneficial is coconut oil for face in case you’re still not comfortable with the thought of putting it on your face.

  1. Heals Dry Skin

Virgin coconut oil is an excellent skin nourisher. It helps you to maintain soft, moisturised, and glowing skin. Presence of fatty acids and antioxidants in it aids in skin renewal and regeneration. Use coconut oil for dry skin to get rid of itchiness and flakiness.

  1. Treats Acne

Lauric acid in virgin coconut oil, with its anti-bacterial properties, helps fight acne-causing germs. Additionally, it has moisturising properties that help avoid extreme dryness, which can lead to increased oil production.

  1. Softens Skin

It can also make your skin soft and supple with its nourishing and hydrating properties.

  1. Protects & Repairs Skin

With its fatty acids and antioxidants coconut oil for skin acts as a protective barrier for the skin. Its moisturising qualities also help to restore damaged skin, reducing irritation and encouraging even smooth skin. 

  1. Fight Dark Circles

The moisturising qualities of virgin coconut oil can aid in reducing the visibility of dark circles under the eyes. Its hydration and antioxidants might help calm and lighten the sensitive skin around the eyes.

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4 Ways To Use Virgin Coconut Oil 

Can I apply coconut oil on face overnight? Is coconut oil for massage a good option? If you have such questions in mind, let us help you with ways of applying coconut oil on face and reap its benefits. With winter setting in, virgin coconut oil can prove to be a very helpful ingredient for your skincare. 

  • Face Massage – Warm a few drops of Sadhev Virgin Coconut oil in your palms and apply it to your face. Massage it with your fingertips in circular motions till the oil is absorbed. You can also make use of beauty tools like a face massager or a gua-sha. When doing a nighttime massage you can leave coconut oil on face overnight and wash it off the next day with an Ayurvedic face cleanser.
  • Makeup Remover – Virgin coconut oil is an efficient and natural makeup remover. Massage your face with makeup with a few drops of virgin coconut oil to melt the makeup away. Wipe it off with a damp cloth. Wash your face with a face cleanser suitable for your skin. 
  • Moisturiser – Use coconut oil on your skin to seal in moisture after taking a shower. It’s a great all-natural substitute for store-bought body creams. You can apply virgin coconut oil both on your face and body. 
  • Body Massage – Use virgin coconut oil to give yourself a soothing body massage. Its moisturising qualities and inherent nutty aroma calm your mind.

Virgin coconut oil is natural, and pure, treatment for a variety of common skin conditions. Due to its purity, Sadhev Virgin Coconut oil is a useful supplement to any skincare routine, whether you’re trying to hydrate, fight acne, remove makeup, or moisturise and revitalise your skin. It suits all skin types making it a handy product for everyone. Choose a virgin coconut oil that is free of any harmful chemicals like paraben or sulphate. 

Virgin coconut oil can be used for both your skin concerns and hair concerns like lifeless dull hair. Sadhev’s virgin coconut oil can be used both by men and women to keep their hair and skin healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Q. Virgin coconut oil is suitable for which skin types?

A: Virgin coconut oil is suitable for all skin types. It is especially helpful if you have dry skin because extra virgin coconut oil can hydrate and nourish your skin well. 

Q. Which coconut oil is 100% pure?

A: Sadhev Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% pure and can be used for both your skin and hair. 

Q. Is virgin coconut oil safe for the skin?

A: Choose Ayurvedic virgin coconut oil as they are safe for the skin and doesn’t contain any harmful chemical like paraben or sulphate. 

Q. How is Sadhev’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Manufactured?

A: Small pieces of hand picked coconut from Kerala are cold pressed to separate milk. The coconut milk is then passed through a centrifuge machine at 14000 RPM to separate coconut cream. The coconut cream is kept in cold storage for 3 hours and again passed through centrifuge machine thrice to extract clear and pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

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