The Lip Care Duo

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Our aim at Sadhev is to simplify your lives and provide you with utmost care that will preserve your mind, body and soul for eternity.

Our lips play a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. Say goodbye to constantly chapped and dry lips.

We have come up with a regimen to follow to keep your lips hydrated and luscious through the day.

The Lip Care Duo Regimen comes with two handpicked products.

  • Sadhev’s Natural Lip Balm 5gm
  • Sadhev’s Herbal Lip Gel 5ml

Sadhev’s Natural Lip Balm

  • Moisturizes & hydrates the lips
  • Helps lighten dark pigmentation and discolouration of the lips
  • Protects lips from sun damage

Sadhev’s Herbal Lip Gel

  • Imparts a natural red colour
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Natural Lip Balm:-

Beetroot has colouring pigments betanin and vulgaxanthin. Both of these act as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that help lighten dark pigmentation and discolouration of the lips and also help protect the lips from sun damage.

Coconut Oil extracted from organic coconuts grown in the tropical farms of Kerala is an exceptional emollient that moisturizes the lips, giving it a soft texture.

Herbal Lip Gel:-

Annatto Seeds offer a light and natural pop of orange-red colour to the lips.

Coconut Oil extracted from organic coconuts grown in the tropical farms of Kerala is an exceptional emollient that moisturizes the lips, giving it a soft texture.

Castor Oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant, a tropical shrub rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamin E. It hydrates the lips keeping it supple and tender.

Alkanet Root is a lovely botanical colouring agent that imparts a ruby red colour to the lips.

The Lip Care Duo Regimen is the perfect regimen to ensure your lips stay hydrated & soft. The lip gel imparts an irresistible red tint whilst ensuring healthy & luscious lips.

Sadhev’s Natural Lip Balm moisturizes and soothes the lips giving it an inviting sensual red tint.

Sadhev’s Herbal Lip Gel is a soulful blend of the aforementioned Annatto seeds and oil from tropical coconuts to give a natural red kiss to the lips.

Delicately apply Natural Lip Balm and spread it evenly for lusciously soft red lips. Use it through the day, as often as you desire.

Delicately apply a small amount of the lip gel onto your lips using the applicator and spread it evenly for lusciously soft red lips. Use it through the day, as often as you desire.

Gentle on the earth and on our skin, this product is natural, vegan, cruelty free, plant based, free from petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, additives and other synthetic substances.

We take pride in taking time and handcrafting every single product of ours to enchant you with Ayurveda of the utmost quality. All our packaging is of the highest quality to ensure that the bio potency of our ingredients remains as is throughout your journey with our product.

This purchase helps us give back to mother nature. We will plant one tree on your behalf for your contribution.

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India India

Hydrating, all natural, beautiful 👍�

My husband bought it for me. The first thing that struck me the most about the product is its beautiful and environment friendly packaging. I had ordered the product in the cherry lip colour which is a beautiful fun shade suitable for almost all skin tones. I love how it feel on my lips. It's super moisturizing and the colour is really attractive, it feels supple and hydrating. I would definitely recommend this brand over the chemically enhanced products widely available in market. Have fun using it my ladies 😊

  • Skin Type Dry
  • Your City Himachal
India India

Hydrating and Natural

It is so pure nd smells like ghee & mild rose almond oil smell.I'm a person who really loves thick creams or oil /moisture in lip balms creams n all So nothing fancy, this is Natural Ayurvedic lip balm.. Fragrance is natural nd consistency is thick. This is super handy and does the job. If you are in working place or can stay upto 2-5 hours if you don't wash your face, or rubit off. I really love this lip balm I'm waiting to try other shades too.. Thumbs up sadevs ayurveda Great product PERSON YOU MAY NOT LIKE IT.. BUT MUST TRY

  • Your City Delhi
  • Skin Type Normal
India India

Most Natural Lip Balm

I am writing this review after using it for about more than 2 weeks. I didn't want to be in a hurry and waited for sometime to see whether it actually works or not so that others can benefit from my review. I am a person who is allergic to chemical based lipsticks and lip balms. Even those which claimed to be organic and good to lips only damaged them and turned them dark. I was always in search of a lip product which could give colour to my lips , heal it and care for it all at the same time. I saw lip balm from sadevs on amazon and seeing the positive reviews I bought it. I am really happy to get it and I feel my search for a perfect lip balm with natural colour is complete. It is filled with all goodness. It is so light on lips, so moisturizing and the colour is also great. I bought the shade love lip. I apply it daily , even at night and this has not darkened my lips . Infact the pigmentation caused earlier has been removed to a great extent. No more lipsticks. This lip balm is going to be with me for the rest of my life. Glad I found sadevs ayurvedic product.

  • Your City Hyderabad
  • Skin Type Oily.
India India

Beautiful lips

I bought this lip care duo . But now I'm in love with this lipbalm. Really eager to try other also. If you don't want to apply lipsticks every day this tinted lip balm is just perfect for everyday use. It's not greasy like other lipbalms and yet perfectly moisturize our lips. Just skip all other lipbalms and buy will never regret your decision of buying it. And yes at first I felt it is too small but later when I opened it the quantity was good enough. And you will love the packaging of kaumudi products too. Their anti acne and blemish cream is also very good. Can wait to try their other products too. Just loved everything about satwa naturals.

  • Your City Surat
  • Skin Type Dry
India India

Great product ❤️

Loved it. I wanted to buy a natural lipbalm in stick form as it is more convenient when you're travelling especially in these covid times. I have very dry lips. Apply this once and it keeps the lips moisturised for like 4-5 hours. The pigment is almost like lipstick. So if you don't like too much pigment go for the colourless one. I use it as a base for my lipstick.

  • Skin Type Normal.
  • Your City Varanasi