How To Use Rose Petals For Skin Benefits?

Date: March 24, 2023 | Shweta Shettigar

A thought of love, a feeling of fragrance or an idea of gifting; roses are more than just beautiful flowers. Their versatility is prodigious and therefore, a perfume or a box of chocolates be it; whenever we think of meeting the purpose of design or decoration, we think of roses. However, apart from just sitting pretty, the oil and water infused with their properties becomes magical consisting of a plethora of benefits.

The rose water has been a go-to and a hit since centuries now! The calming and soothing advantages it renders are not unknown for which it has been used traditionally to cure various inflammation related ailments. Moreover, rose water has been one beauty trend that hasn’t faded as of yet and is greatly equipped between people of all ages and all skin types. Need a moisture surge? Need to calm down acne? Need to restore the hydration? Spray rose water on all of that! Yes! But today in a super curious and evolving world, roses produce more than just miraculous water. Rose benefits have taken the shape of multiple formulations and all of them are undoubtedly worth a shot!

Ways To Use Rose Petals For Skin Benefits

Rose Water

Definitely not leaving us anytime soon, rose water is a worldly known magic potion. It is made by distilling rose petals and water to extract the assets of rose in the water. The water pacifies any active redness or puffiness on skin. It is also known to beat anti-aging concerns and effectively work on related factors such as wrinkles and fine lines. Bottled with heavenly fragrance, it provides abundance of calmness to the mind as well. 

Rose water is a naturally occurring toner and a gifted skincare by nature. You can blend it in your homemade face masks or spray it all over as it is. Just carry it wherever you go and spray it whenever your skin moves onto feeling exhausted or tired. It instantly uplifts the skin and gives it a healthier, happy appearance!

Rose Oil

Powered with emollient features, rose oil is popularly known as the ‘attar’ of roses. It has the concentrated fragrance of the flower and is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Through constant distillation of rose petals, the rose oil is extracted. It helps in solving inflammation concerns such as rashes, severe dryness, or itching. Additionally, rose oil also aids the ease of menstrual pain by significantly lessening period cramps and providing relaxation to its wearer when massaged lightly and properly. Owing to its deliciously refreshing fragrance, it also provides comfort to your stress and anxiety. Feeling down and messy without knowing the reason? Massage your wrists and pulse points gently with rose oil and bask in the difference that will make!

Rosehip Oil  

This oil is also known as rosehip seed oil and is specially pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant. Rosehip oil is extracted from the often ignorant part of the rose that is leaves and the stem of it. Surprisingly, it is loaded with minerals and other riches; the oil has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes and healing essentials. 

It is also commonly used as a carrier oil for other oils that are too strong to be put on the skin directly as it limits down their burning properties, making them tremendously gentler on the skin. Rosehip oil hydrates the skin which makes it the go-to option for people whose faces tend to get dry and itchy, leading to sensitivity and even acne. Plus, the oil is a Vitamin A or retinol derivative which allows it to brighten the skin tone and improve the quality of it. Because it is rich in Vitamin A, it is also helpful in the increased production of collagen which makes the skin more elastic and firm. 

Furthermore, it protects the skin from sun damage, heals hyperpigmentation and overall boosts the quality of the skin in a very elaborate way that will leave you pleasantly surprised. With gentle exfoliating properties, rosehip oil can act as a prominent amalgamation in face cleansers making it as the suitable ingredient for sensitive skin types. Rosehip oil face cleansers effectively unclogs the pores thereby protecting and conditioning the skin barrier.

Why you must use rose on your skin!         


Rose has a humongous amount of antioxidants that make it as refreshing as it is breathable. They help prevent cell damage in the skin and also aid new cell regeneration in the tissues which further extends the health and overall quality of the skin. Rose also provides multiple anti-ageing benefits to the skin. People also drink rose tea to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and other body issues.


Rose contains vitamins A and C that are exceptionally good for the skin and aid in aging. The petals also have a smooth collagen production which increases the elasticity and firmness of the face and attempts at reducing the effect of age spots and wrinkles. It regenerates skin tissues and delays the onset of aging. When used topically everyday, it can significantly add years to your skin. 

Rose water is very exceptional in maintaining the balance of your skin which directly indicates that it can as easily control the level of oils in your skin. Rose is also incredibly hydrating, and adds on to the water content in the skin while balancing out the oil levels. It lifts up the dirt from your face, giving it a very clean and lifting appearance. Everyday incorporation of rose based products can bring back the long lost radiance in your skin!

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