Amazing Benefits Of Indigo For Shinier Hair

Date: December 6, 2023 | epnwd

Our hair is the crowning glory of our personality. Whenever we have a good hair day, it doesn’t just reflect on our appearance but overall confidence levels as well. 

Hair colouring is a great way to elevate your look by giving a uniform shade to your tresses. But, one cannot deny the detrimental effects that chemical dyes can have on our hair. Indigo is a natural substitute for hair dyes and the stellar benefits of applying indigo powder to your hair will make you want to get your hands on it as soon as possible. In this blog, we’ll take you through the various benefits of indigo powder for hair.

4 Benefits Of Using Indigo Powder For Hair

We have listed a few benefits of applying Indigo powder to hair.  

  1. Eco-friendly Way Of Colouring Your Hair

When we talk about the benefits of Indigo for hair, we have to acknowledge the fact it is a botanical wonder and hence you won’t have to worry about applying any toxic additives or harsh chemicals to your hair. Hence, its natural formulation is one of the greatest Indigo powder benefits.

  1. Powerhouse Of Hair Enriching Benefits 

Indigo is full of antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (1) that can be useful for reinforcing your overall hair health. 

  1. Nourishes Your Tresses

Another noteworthy benefit of using Indigo powder for hair is that it can nourish your tresses and keep dryness at bay. This is very helpful for people who have dry and damaged hair. 

  1. It Is An Ideal Pick For People With Sensitive Scalp

Since Indigo is a natural product, its application is well-suited for people who have enhanced sensitivity. However, it is always a good idea to do a patch test to look for any signs of skin irritation 

How To Apply Indigo Powder on Hair

The best way to experience the benefits of Indigo powder for hair is to use it in synergy with henna:

  • You can buy Sadhev’s natural hair colour which is infused with the goodness of Indigo and Henna. You can choose from the single-process and double-process options. 
  • Prepare the mixture as per the instructions given on the pack. 
  • Section your hair and then apply the mixture. Leave it for one hour and then wash it with just water. 
  • Towel dry your hair and then wait for at least 3-5 days before taking a head bath with shampoo. 

If you have an affinity for natural hair care, Indigo stands out for its exceptional hair nourishing and colouring properties. When used in combination with Henna, it becomes a potent formulation to deeply moisturise your hair while giving it a gorgeous black hue. If the above-mentioned benefits have motivated you to add this to your hair grooming ritual, you can check out Sadhev’s Natural hair colour for excellent results. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Using Indigo For Hair

  • Is Indigo powder safe for hair?

Yes. Indigo powder is a natural ingredient and hence it is safe for your hair. 

  • Does Indigo powder make hair black permanently?

No. When used in combination with Henna it can give a beautiful shade of brown, dark brown or black to your hair. 

  • How do you mix indigo powder for hair?

You can follow the instructions given on Sadhev’s Natural hair colour to create the perfect Indigo and Henna mixture for your hair. 


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