What Makes Coconut ‘The Miracle Fruit’?

Date: March 24, 2023 | Shweta Shettigar

To eat or to apply, coconut is undoubtedly a versatile fruit and has been known as the ‘do-it-all’ since centuries. For the thickness of the hair or radiance of the skin, this gigantic nut is a powerhouse of solutions for all the problems that entail in your body. Without even exaggerating, it has prevailed and benefited mankind time and again for which it supremely gains popularity and goodwill. Nonetheless, apart from profiting external health, it is also great for strengthening the internal health of the body when consumed raw or as an addition in meals.

Breaking it down to the nutritional value of a coconut, it is all about being rich in good fats and shockingly these fats promote body fat loss instead of instigating it. There is more than one way in which you can consume coconut and its advantageous properties. From a raw coconut, you can get water inside the shell, the chunks of the shell are also edible and some meat stuck to the walls of the nut often referred to as ‘malai’. All of these have different nutritional values and honestly, all of them are good for health in multiple ways. 

Moving it forward from the raw coconut to the processing of it, there is a lot available in the market today as an extraction from the nut. Back in time coconuts were processed to pull out oil from it solely because coconut oil was known to heal ailments related to skin and hair. Amazingly, today we have coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut milk and what not! The reason to birth other coconut products is all due to the nut being rich with benefits and nothing else. It has proven the magic for which people continue to incorporate and experiment with it in their lifestyle. 

Why is Coconut the Ultimate Miracle Fruit?

Coconut In Your Beauty Routine

Oil extracted from the nut is what is mostly incorporated in skincare regimens. Coconut oil can be used raw and can be inculcated as you like it. But first things first, no matter how you plan to use coconut oil for your skin or hair; you need to ensure that it is 100% pure. Any adulteration to coconut oil will only inhibit the goodness of it and eventually cause more harm than good so make sure that your coconut oil purchase is of 100% pure ingredient. You can only expect the product to work efficiently when the worth of it is not harnessed and is cultivated well instead. When you have an original coconut oil, it is flexible to use it as it is.

  • As a moisturizer

Being rich in fatty acids, coconut oil nourishes and protects the skin. It is great for topical application on the face or body. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps soothe and calm irritated skin. A thorough massage with coconut oil on your skin prevents dryness and also keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized for long. With that, it also works on protecting and strengthening the skin barrier making it resilient to environmental damage. 

  • As a makeup remover

If there is anything that melts makeup like magic then it is undoubtedly a generous wipe of coconut oil. No fancy makeup remover could ever clean off makeup in a single swipe like coconut oil. Fairly high in lipids, it goes deep into your pores to rinse off any impurities that reside worry-free. It leaves no trace behind of dirt or oil buildup be it giving you a cleansed healthy skin after a long day of being out. You can also follow it up with a gentle cleanser to get off the excess oil residue or let it be as it is!

  • As a deep conditioner

Dry or brittle hair seems like a problem that comes around often. They are an open invitation to damage and breakage. Nevertheless, treating them is not a big deal but having a kind of patience to beat it forever is. With coconut oil being high in fats, it is an excellent source to overcome dry hair but since it is a non-chemical and natural way, it is going to be a slow process. You can massage it in your scalp and have a goold-old ‘champi’ with it. Try repeating this leave-in hair treatment every time before you plan on washing your hair. 

Coconut based hair cleansers also compliment well and work on maintaining the smoothness of your tresses. A hair shampoo enriched with the goodness of the nut will effectively clean the scalp and deeply nourish it. It will also guard off any unwanted particles such as dandruff or insectual problems such as head lice. 

  • As a lip balm

The high in fats nut is an absolute gem to heal dry or cracked lips. It is also semisolid in cold temperatures so the application gets smooth and easy when it comes to applying over lips. It seeks to generate a sheet on your lips that seals the water in and whips the irritants out. You can also find a lip balm wand that has coconut oil incorporated in it. It will make it less messy because the chances are that the oil may melt when applied raw and then drip off your lips.

Coconut In Your Dietary Lifestyle

The world has been actively swayed to witness the internal health benefits of coconut when consumed in various ways. There have been a lot of food recipes that involve coconuts but only today is the time when we are actually realizing the true meaning of it. The fruit can be grinded and added to make interesting everyday food. From water to the meat of it, there are endless ways of relishing coconut. The market is flooded with coconut products which makes the fruit even more accessible in your diet. 

  • As a cooking oil

There has been a trend of starting off your day with high fats which means consuming one tablespoon of raw coconut oil as soon as you wake up to balance any hormonal disruption. You can consume it as it is or also cook your vegetables in coconut oil for more healthier and tastier food. 

  • As a vegan milk option

Coconut milk has thicker consistency than the regular milk and actually makes up as a great milk alternative. To the world which is moving towards veganism and switching to a plant-based diet, coconut milk is a wonderful substitute. It is rich in copper and magnesium which may boost your heart health.

  • As a sugar substitute

Yes, there exists a ditto sugar substitute and it is called coconut sugar. Standard sugar is nothing but complete sucralose while coconut sugar slacks 30% of sucralose and stands as a cutting-edge sugar competitor. You can replace table sugar with coconut sugar when adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

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