Surprising Benefits Of Kakadu Plum In Skincare

Date: October 25, 2023 | epnwd

We truly believe that skincare is a beautiful step to take towards your self-care. It allows us to work on and for our skin so that we can look and feel our best. Nature nurtures in its wake numerous treasures that can help us achieve a radiant glow. Kakadu plum is one such wondrous treasure that deserves a standalone mention. 

In this blog, we shall explore the numerous benefits of Kakadu plum and explore its formidable place in our skincare regime. 

What Is Kakadu Plum? 

Kakadu plum, also known as ‘Billy Goat Plum’ finds its genesis in Australia. It is a very small fruit and can be equated to the size of the tip of your thumb. They are oval in shape and resemble berries in terms of their appearance. The Kakadu plum is pale green in colour and the colour range can vary with respect to the ripeness of the fruit. 

In addition to being a nutritional powerhouse, Kakadu plum is also widely used in skincare products for its stellar benefits. 

Benefits Of Kakadu Plum For Skincare

The below-listed Kakadu plum benefits for skin will encourage you to include them in your skincare routine pronto!

Protect Your Skin From The Detrimental Impact Of Free Radicals 

One of the most noteworthy Kakadu plum benefits is that it is an abundant source of Vitamin C (1). This antioxidant can play an active role in protecting your skin from cellular damage caused by the activity of free radicals. 

Brightens Your Complexion

Owing to its Vitamin C content, Kakadu plain can be an ideal pick for you if you wish to brighten up your skin and achieve a seamless glow. 

Rich Source Of Antioxidants 

In addition to Vitamin C, Kakadu plum is also a rich source of other antioxidants such as ellagic acid and phenolic acid. These antioxidants bode well for your overall skin health. (2)

Manages The Signs Of Premature Skin Ageing 

Owing to its amazing antioxidant properties, Kakadu plum can help reduce the impact of external stressors and help you manage the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Enhances Skin Elasticity 

When you avail Kakadu plum benefits for skin through topical application in the form of serums, the collagen production of your skin is augmented consequently, its luminosity and elasticity is increased. 

Help In Skin Repair 

Kakadu plum Vitamin C content can reinforce your skin’s barrier and empower it to stay healthy. 

Hydrate Your Skin

By empowering the skin’s barrier, Kakadu plum can also help in locking in the skin’s moisture to prevent dryness and dehydration.

Work Wonders For Your Skin Texture 

The multifaceted benefits of using Kakadu plum in skincare can be very beneficial for improving your skin texture. This can help in making your skin look healthy and youthful. 

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How To Incorporate Kakadu Plum In Skincare Routine

The best way to experience Kakadu plum benefits for the skin is to use a vitamin C serum with Kakadu Plum. Sadhev’s Ayurvedic Vitamin C serum contains amla, Kakadu Plum, and pomegranate seed oil among a host of other natural ingredients. 

All you have to do is apply a few drops of this rejuvenating serum on a freshly clean and toned face. Make sure that you gently dab the face serum onto your skin for proper absorption. Follow it with a moisturiser and sunscreen. This Vitamin C skin brightening serum which is infused with the goodness of Kakadu plum can be used as a part of your morning and nighttime skincare routine. 


Don’t be fooled by the unassuming appearance of Kakadu plum. This little fruit can elevate the appeal of your skincare routine and get you closer to the skin of your dreams! 

Moreover, there is no discounting the beauty of nature’s bounties and their transformative abilities that can boost overall health and well-being. We hope that the above-mentioned benefits of Kakadu plum will encourage you to include this venerable ingredient in your self-care regime.   

Frequently Asked Questions On The Benefits Of Kakadu Plum

What does Kakadu plum do for the skin?

Kakadu plum is a skincare superstar because it can brighten your skin and hydrate it in addition to endowing your skin health with various other benefits. 

Is Kakadu plum me k Ji k Jun good for all skin types?

Can I apply Kakadu plum products during the daytime?

Yes. Kakadu plum products can be used as a part of your daytime and nighttime skincare routine. 


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