Safflower Oil For Face: Benefits & Uses

Date: March 1, 2024 | epnwd

Safflower oil, derived from the seeds of safflower plants, has gained immense popularity and attention for its countless benefits when used on the face. Rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, and many other antioxidants, safflower oil’s benefits for the skin are diverse. In this blog, we have listed down some miraculous benefits of safflower oil, that make a great skincare ingredient. Let’s check’em out!

5 Benefits of Safflower Oil For Face


There are several benefits of Safflower oil for skin and face, including:

  1. Rich In Antioxidant Properties

Safflower oil is abundant in vitamin E, which helps reduce the signs of ageing, shield the skin from environmental damage, and promote a healthier complexion.

  1. Great For Oily Skin Types

Safflower oil has a lightweight texture, ensuring it won’t clog pores. This makes it ideal for acne-prone and oily skin types without aggravating breakouts.

  1. Aids In Skin Brightening

One of the prominent Safflower oil’s skin benefits is brightening. When applied regularly, saffron oil helps to fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots, revealing a more even-toned and radiant skin complexion with time. 

  1. Soothes Skin

Safflower oil’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties help calm inflammation and redness on the skin, relieving irritated or sensitive skin conditions.

  1. Provides Deep Moisturisation

The presence of linoleic acid in Safflower oil effectively locks in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and supple without making it greasy.

5 Safflower Oil Uses

Safflower oil used on the face can be optimised in a variety of ways to get the maximum benefits, as follows:

As An Under Eye Gel 

Safflower oil in under eye gels helps in reducing puffiness, hydrating skin and diminishing dark circles.

You can try Sadhev’s Under Eye Gel, packed with anti-ageing Ayurvedic herbs like safflower, aloe vera, cucumber, liquorice, and rose. This gel hydrates, calms, and minimises puffiness and wrinkles on the face.

Directions to use:

Apply Sadhev’s Under Eye Gel around the eyes twice a day after using Sadhev’s Rejuvenating Night Cream for calming effects. To maintain effectiveness, store it in a cool, dry location.

As Serum

Safflower oil, when used as a serum, helps to boost radiance and improve the texture of skin due to its fast-absorbing formula. Infused with ingredients like rosehip seed oil, aloe vera, liquorice, safflower, banana, and hyaluronic acid, it feels remarkably light and helps in hydration, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing skin’s natural brightness.

Directions to use:

Use Sadhev’s Face Cleanser to cleanse your face, followed by a few drops of Ayurvedic Rosehip Serum applied to your face. End with sunscreen and Aloe Vera & Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Tailam.

Final Thoughts

Safflower Oil provides plentiful benefits for the face. As you already know about the incredible benefits of Safflower oil for skin and how to incorporate it into your daily skincare routine with Sadhev’s Ayurvedic Rosehip Serum and Under Eye Gel, it’s the right time to get your hands on these products for a glowing skin. From nourishing and moisturising the skin to promoting a radiant complexion and reducing inflammation, it is undoubtedly a valuable addition to any skincare regimen. 

Other than this, Sadhev offers an array of skincare products and haircare products, all made by hand in India. Sadhev represents the spirit of Ayurveda with formulations free of parabens and sulphates that are sustainably obtained from nature. Every product is vegetarian and cruelty-free, displaying a dedication to ethical beauty and wellness!

FAQs On Safflower Oil Benefits

Q. Can I use safflower oil every day?

A: Safflower oil is non-comedogenic and can be used on the face every day as a natural moisturiser. It might benefit various skin types, but it is suggested to do patch testing before using it, as individuals’ reactions might vary. 

Q. Does safflower oil brighten skin?

A: Safflower oil has many skin benefits, one of which is brightening. The oil contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, which might help promote a brighter complexion by reducing the appearance of dark spots and improving the skin texture, resulting in enhanced radiance.

Q. Is safflower oil good for all skin types?

A: Safflower oil is suitable for most skin types as it has non-comedogenic properties, making it less likely to cause acne or blackheads on any skin type. However, for people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist before regularly applying.

Q. Can I use safflower oil as a moisturiser?

A: You can use safflower oil as a moisturiser because it can nourish the skin with its hydrating properties. The oil is lightweight and non-comedogenic, making it suitable for most skin types.

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