Benefits of Head Massage using Ayurvedic Oils

Date: July 7, 2023 | epnwd

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The thought of a head massage already washes you with a sense of calmness that soothes all your senses. It is one of those experiences in life that helps you instantly forget all your worries and troubles. Head massage is one of the most relaxing experiences as it has a lot of benefits that would help you in so many ways. The benefits of head massage are numerous and range from your well-being to your overall health. And when done with the right hair oil you are bound to reap all the benefits of oil head massage.

What is Ayurvedic Head Massage

Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient treatment that is therapeutic and involves different pressure techniques. This treatment has been practised for over 5000+ years in India and focuses on different areas like the shoulders, head, and neck regions.

Shiro abhyanga is a combination of Ayurvedic massage techniques and Ayurvedic herbal or aromatic oils. Shiro Abhyanga, in Sanskrit (‘shiras‘ and ‘abhyanga‘), directly translates to head massage. The use of Ayurvedic hair oil helps to balance the nervous system and your mind.

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Important Marmas of Head

Marmas are pressure points where the veins, arteries, and cranial nerves intersect. There are 108 vital points also known as ‘Marmas’ in the body and 31 can be found in the head region. The important Marmas of the head are:

  • Adhipati: A soft spot found 8 fingers above your eyebrows, in the centre of the skull.
  • Simantaka: Five suture joints are present across the scalp area.
  • Krikatika: Two points are found on either side of the cervical vertebrae at the junction of your neck and head.
  • Vidhuram: Two points found behind and below both ears – depressions behind your earlobes.
  • Shankha: Two points present between the ears and forehead – the temples.
  • Utkshepa: Two points present above the Shankha points at the hairline level.

Process of Shiro Abhyanga

This ancient Ayurvedic treatment is a combination of two different and natural therapies which are Shirodhara and Abhyanga. Shirodhara therapy is performed by dousing Ayurvedic or herbal massage oil gently and steadily onto the scalp, neck, and forehead. While Abhyanga involves light and gentle massage on the areas where the oils are applied.

Benefits of Head Massage with Ayurvedic Oils

Here are some advantages of getting your head massaged with Ayurvedic oils that can assist with everything from hair problems to general health issues.

  1. A head massage with Ayurvedic hair oil controls stress, relieving you from emotional stress and anxiety.
  2. It also helps to release endorphins which are hormones that give you a sense of happiness. (1)
  3. Head oil massage benefits help to solve sleep deprivation problems and boost sound sleep.
  4. It helps to strengthen the circulatory and nervous systems.
  5. Head massages also help to bring clarity by strengthening your senses.
  6. Another benefit of oil head massage is that it helps to reduce headaches and migraines.
  7. A head massage supports brain functionalities which brings balance to hormonal levels.
  8. It helps in the stimulation of hair growth.
  9. It aids in the enhancement of alertness, memory, and cognition.
  10. Head massage with virgin coconut oil helps to provide extensive nourishment and promote the growth of healthy hair. It gives your hair a lustrous shine.
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Different Oils & Ingredients That Are Used For Head Massage

Here are some oils which are used for Ayurvedic head massage with numerous hair benefits.

  • Coconut:

It helps to relieve dandruff and restore damaged hair by giving it lustre and taming the frizz. You can warm it up and add some essential oils to it. Massage into your scalp and keep overnight. Ensure that you do not massage too much if you have hair loss.

  • Bhringraj:

Bhringraj oil is an elixir for hair if you are facing hair fall issues. Bhringraj oil benefits the hair with nourishment for the scalp and helps to slow down greying of hair. Massage an anti-hair fall oil with Bhringraj onto your scalp with your fingertips. Allow the oil to sink in for an hour before you wash it off with Ayurvedic shampoo

  • Neem & curry leaves:

This oil contains important elements and is rich in amino acids which help to stimulate the development of hair by strengthening the hair follicles and minimising hair loss.

With all the amazing benefits of head massage, you are going to feel calm and refreshed in no time. Choose hair oils that target certain hair problems from our range of luxury Ayurvedic products that help with various hair concerns you may have.

FAQs on Benefits of Head Massage using Ayurvedic Oils

Q. Does Ayurvedic hair massage work for arresting hair fall?

A: Yes, they do. Ayurvedic head massage helps to reduce hair fall and even boost hair growth as well as give you soft and luxurious hair.

Q. Can Ayurveda regrow lost hair?

A: One of the many Ayurvedic oil benefits is that it can help promote hair growth which also includes regrowing lost hair.

Q. Which are the best oils for head massage?

A: Coconut oil is one of the most common oil best to reap hair massage benefits. Another oil that is also great for head massage is Bhringraj oil.

Q. How many times should I do a head massage with oil?

A: Depending on the type of scalp and hair you have, oil your hair as often as once to thrice a week. Once if your hair is on the oily side and thrice if your hair is on the dry side.

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