5 Amazing Hair Color Ideas For Summer

Date: June 13, 2024 | epnwd

As we head into the summer season, it’s the perfect time to experiment with new hair colours that will make a statement. From soft golden blondes to vibrant ocean blues, the options are limitless. But often, the fear of harsh chemicals in hair dyes holds us back. So what’s the solution? Enter certified ayurvedic summer colours for hair– nature’s gift to your locks. Crafted from natural ingredients like henna, indigo, and Amla, these gentle summer hair colour ideas not only offer stunning hues but also strengthen and condition your hair. Ready to experiment? Keep reading to discover the most effective summer hair dye ideas for colouring your hair naturally.

5 Summer Hair Color Ideas

Are you considering changing your hair colour for the summer season? If so, here are five trendy cute summer hair colour ideas to help you find inspiration for your next look.

Sadhev Natural Hair Colour (Double Process)

Sadhev natural hair colour is an amazing option for those looking for a natural way to colour their hair. With ingredients like organic Indigo, Henna, and Amla, this summer colour for hair not only imparts a natural black colour but also stimulates hair growth, conditions the hair, prevents frizz, and nourishes the scalp. Plus, the fact that it’s Ayurvedic, safe, and natural makes this hair colour idea for hair even more appealing. 

Henna- The Most Celebrated Choice

Henna has been a favourite hair colour idea for summer since ancient times. It’s made from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant and is loved for its ability to give hair a vibrant summer colour without harsh chemicals. People have used it for centuries not only for its cosmetic benefits but also because it strengthens and nourishes hair. It’s a natural and versatile summer hair colour idea that continues to be celebrated today for its effectiveness and gentle touch on hair.

Sadhev Natural Hair Colour – Brown

Sadhev Natural Brown Hair Colour is a tribute to ancient wisdom, crafted from organic Indigo infused with ancestral secrets. This cute summer hair colour idea delivers a natural brown hue to your hair without any harmful additives like ammonia, peroxide, or pesticides. This Ayurvedic formulation contains Henna along with Indigo and Amla, providing nourishment to the scalp and promoting hair health.

Tea Rinses: Natural Hair Color Boosters

Tea rinses are natural summer colours for hair that gently enhance hair tones. To use a tea rinse, simply brew a strong infusion of your chosen tea and allow it to cool completely. Pour the tea rinse over your washed hair, making sure to saturate it from root to tip. Leave the rinse on for about 10-20 minutes, then rinse it out thoroughly with cool water. You can use summer hair dye idea once a week or as needed to maintain or enhance your hair colour naturally.

Sadhev Natural Hair Colour (Single Process)

Infused with 200 years of heritage. Sadhev Ayurvedic hair colour imparts a natural black hue to hair while stimulating growth and preventing frizz. Easy to apply, this hair colour idea for summer also acts as a conditioner, enriched with Henna, Indigo and Amla and nourishes the scalp. For those with past synthetic colour use or high grey density, this summer hair dye idea is going to be your saviour. 

How To Choose the Right Hair Color According To Skin Tone

Here’s a concise table based on choosing the summer colour for hair according to skin tone.

Skin ToneIdeal Hair Colors
Light with cool undertonesLight Ash Blonde, Ultra Light Cool Blonde, Lightest Auburn
Light with warm undertonesLight Golden Blonde, Golden Honey, Golden Cappuccino
Light with neutral undertonesMedium Copper Blonde, Autumn Bronze, Rose All Day
Medium with cool undertonesClove Medium Cool Brown, Dark Cool Blonde, Bold Violet Passiflora
Medium with warm undertonesMedium Auburn, Medium Golden Brown, Hot Cocoa Medium Bronze
Medium with neutral undertonesDeep Burgundy, Medium Warm Chestnut Brown, Truest Red, Hot Pink
Dark with cool undertonesNutmeg Dark Brown, Dark Brown, Silken Black, Darkest Burgundy Violet
Dark with warm undertonesHoney Blonde, Light Golden Brown, Medium Reddish Brown, Balayage For Brunettes
Dark with neutral undertonesCocoa Brown, Blazing Burgundy, Bronze, Bold Dragon Fuchsia


These 5 amazing summer hair colour ideas are sure to help you stand out and feel confident during the warmer months. These summer hair colour ideas will not just elevate your look but they will also help you to add a fun, fresh touch to your overall appearance. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this summer to truly make a statement with your fashion choices.

If you’re looking for more ways to care for your hair and enhance its natural beauty, be sure to check out Sadhev’s range of Ayurvedic hair care products. From Ayurvedic hair shampoo to oils to conditioners, Sadhev offers a holistic approach to hair care that will leave your locks looking and feeling their best. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefits of Ayurveda for your hair. Visit Sadhev today.


Q. What hair colour looks best in summer?

A: Lighter shades like beachy blondes, honey highlights, or soft caramel tones reflect the sun’s rays and add warmth and brightness to your look, perfect for the sunny summer months.

Q. What hair colour makes you look younger?

A: Hair colours close to your natural shade or soft, subtle highlights and lowlights can make you appear younger. Warm browns, caramel tones, or soft golden blonde hues add dimension and vibrancy to your hair, giving it a fresh and youthful appearance.

Q. What hair colour suits a soft summer?

A: Soft, cool tones like ash blonde, light to medium ash brown, or soft rose gold to complement the softness of a summer complexion. These cute summer hair colour ideas enhance your features and create a harmonious look with your overall appearance.

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