‘Aloevera & Saffron Gel’ for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Date: October 1, 2022 | Shweta Shettigar

How do you visualise healthy skin? It’s glowing like a bright sun on summer days, right? 

We all crave healthy, glowing skin but only a few achieve them. Here lies the mystery. We wonder how some flaunt magazine-like camera-ready flawless skin when some of us constantly struggle with skin flaws after investing so much in skincare. If you are also one of them, lucky you! Because the secret is out for you to try out! 

That one secret formula that you have been seeking for so long for healthy, bright skin is a potent combination of aloe vera and saffron. Grown in the lap of nature, 100% pure aloe vera and saffron can do wonders for your skin when they come together as a decoction. Sadhev’s aloe gel is rightly crafted to make it effective for all skin types. Let’s shed some light on the benefits of aloe vera and saffron gel for glowing skin: 

Benefits of Using Aloe vera & Saffron Gel For Healthy & Glowing Skin

Aloe vera & saffron, both have long been known in Ayurveda for their skin advantages. While saffron is one of the most colourful, flavourful and aromatic spices, also known as ‘golden spice’ for its price and harvesting efforts, aloe vera contains nearly 75 active ingredients such as lignin, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, salicylic acid and enzymes. So it’s safe to say these are nature’s presents to humankind to retain the beauty we are blessed with. Here is a roundup of the benefits of aloe vera gel for glowing skin and saffron gel for healthy skin:

  • Saffron is a Powerhouse of Anti-Aging Properties, Antioxidants And More

Crocin and safranal, these two leading antioxidants in saffron protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals. By doing so, saffron helps you maintain radiant skin. 

But that’s not it! The high amount of vitamin C in saffron also reduces melanin production and brightens the skin tone. Vitamin C is also adored in the skincare industry for its anti-inflammatory properties. So getting rid of pigmentation is pretty simple with saffron.

Apart from vitamin C, saffron also contains vitamin B (Riboflavin). It’s a vital ingredient that revitalises the skin cells and improves skin texture by replacing old, damaged skin cells with new ones. Just by including a saffron-rich skincare product in your beauty regimen, you can get rid of dark under-eye circles, treat sun damage and moisturise the skin.

  • Aloe Vera: The Most Soothing Natural Skin Care Product 

What ingredient are you advised to layer on inflamed skin apart from ice cubes? Aloe vera, right? It’s another nature’s blessing to us that can treat a lot of skin conditions and has always been honoured for its potential by ancient skin doctors. 

Aloe vera is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it works so well when you are battling skin inflammation such as psoriasis, acne or rashes. It’s also a great source of salicylic acid that helps keep the pores open and clean to reduce skin issues such as blackheads and pimples.

Aloe vera also protects the skin against the harmful effects of pollutants such as environmental aggressors. By removing the buildup of dirt and pollution, aloe vera helps recover the skin from further damage.

Along with such benefits of aloe vera gel for glowing skin, aloe vera also moisturises the skin, treats sunburn, and targets inflammatory skin problems such as summertime boils or cysts.

How To Use Aloevera & Saffron Gel For Healthy, Glowing Skin?

How would you feel about using a product that is sourced from the brand’s very own farm, and combined with rare ingredients from trusted sources?

At Sadhev, most of our product ingredients are procured from our 100% Organic Ayurvedic farm, ‘Sadhevana’ in Tamil Nadu. Ingredients that don’t grow in this region are sourced from organic suppliers across the world. With this approach, Sadhev is creating a new dimension of ‘Farm-to-Skin’ concept, that is similar to the Farm-to-Fork concept, usually referred to in terms of food consumption.


One of our best-selling products, the Aloevera & Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Tailam, is made from Aloe vera, organically grown at our farm, and is emerging to be the best face moisturiser made with natural ingredients. It contains precious red saffron, carefully extracted within 24 hours of harvest from the valleys of Kashmir to give your skin a natural glow. The rich Kumkumadi Tailam is a serum that imparts a golden vedic radiance by combining Saffron, Aloe, Sandal and Vetiver.

All these ingredients are expertly brought together with a 200-year-old ayurvedic wisdom, which is at the heart of Sadhev. The Aloevera & Saffron Gel acts as both a skin brightening cream and as a moisturizer for oily skin. It minimises blemishes over the long term, gently treats acne and even skin tone. It also heals dry skin, hydrates and nourishes the skin to soften and smoothen it.

Infused with Saffron and Kumkumadi Tailam, this luxurious aloe vera gel for face, perfumes the air with indulging natural scents as soon as you open it! It not only offers a soft texture, but is also very light and gets absorbed immediately. This makes it an effective skin lightening cream that can be used even before you go outdoors or before applying make-up. In addition to these Aloe Vera Saffron gel benefits, it also minimises signs of ageing with its natural and ayurvedic formula, making it the best aloe vera gel!


As per Ayurveda, the best way to use the aloegel is to apply it gently on your face with finger tips using upward strokes and massage it well into the skin. Use it twice daily, every morning, before applying make-up and at bed time. Experience Sadhev’s Aloegel that restores the perfect inner balance of your skin, and include it in your daily skin routine for a glowing and supple skin over the years!

As you are now aware of how beneficial aloe vera gel for a glowing face is, it’s time to include Sadhev’s aloe vera & saffron gel for glowing skin in your daily skincare routine. Simply visit our online store and order one for you!


Q. Is Aloe vera & saffron gel good for the face?

A: The blend of aloe vera & saffron gel can protect your skin from ageing signs, hyperpigmentation, acne, inflammation, uneven skin tone, irregular skin texture, and dryness.

Q. Can aloe vera gel make your skin glow?

A: Aloe vera gel is rich in vitamins A, B12, C & E, folic acid, choline, sugars, amino acids and various other ingredients that let aloe lighten pigmentation and deeply hydrate the skin. The supple, moisturised skin exudes a natural glow that looks dewy. 

Q. What happens if we apply aloe vera & saffron gel on our face daily?

A: Regular application of aloe vera & saffron gel helps the skin enjoy all the benefits of saffron and aloe vera. The skin glows just like the skin we see in magazines and shines bright like a diamond.

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