Here’s Why You Should Add Vitamin C To Your Skincare Routine

Date: March 24, 2023 | Shweta Shettigar

With recently changing trends in the world of skincare, vitamin C has risen as a very prominent component, found in almost every other established skincare product which has shown quick and effective results. Essentially, the vitamin is a very strong antioxidant that occurs naturally in the skin. It promotes the production of collagen, which promotes the elasticity of your skin and maintains its natural glow. It helps in the prevention of skin cancer and other cardiovascular diseases that might do more damage than good to the skin.

Wondering why it is so essential still? Keep scrolling to find out!

Types of Vitamin C and what works best for your skin

Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and thus must be consumed in high quantities very regularly to ensure the body does not run out of it. While vitamin C itself works wonders on almost every skin type, some of its types do better than the others on different skins. Some Vitamin C face washes contain amla, which shields the skin from pollutants, environmental dirt and UV rays. Kakadu Plum helps greatly in soothing the skin and contains smooth anti-ageing properties which lead to the reduction of wrinkles and tightens the skin.

What are the advantages of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C has a huge variety of anti-aging, brightness and glow promoting and protective advantages for the skin and is often considered the best and most easily absorbed when consumed by the skin in the form of either fruits or serums. Here is a list of why it is as popular in the fashion world as anything else and has an undefeatable charm and appeal-

  • Brightens the skin tone

If you have always been worried about your skin looking dull and just cannot get enough nutrients to ensure it always stays as healthy as possible without repercussions, you should consider including vitamin c in your routine as soon as possible!.The vitamin evens your skin tone, gives it a beautiful glow. Your skin often ends up creating more melanin than is necessary leading to skin dissimilarities such as that of tone. With Vitamin C, it is not there because it is really reliable.

The best Vitamin C products contain licorice and grape seed oil which are skin brightening agents that have anti-inflammation and fine pigmentation properties.

  • Shields your skin

Free radicals are the unstable molecules in the body which are mostly freely functioning and increase the possibility of one getting very serious skin problems or diseases that can easily prove to be life-threatening, in the worst case scenario. By nature, it also has both healing and soothing elements that will leave your skin feeling fully pampered, satisfied and ecstatic. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will automatically boost the recovery of your injury by soothing it and responding to it.

  • Prevents the onset of aging

As has been mentioned even earlier, the best thing that vitamin c does for your skin is the production of collagen that will genuinely act as the soother your face demands from you. It will speed up the process of healing or whatever it is that you would require it to do from the perspective of your skin. The production of collagen also makes your skin look shinier, bouncier and tighter which only adds on to how you are perceived by the other. Amla fights such signs of aging with its naturally brewed components that affect the skin very positively.

  • Incredibly Hydrates

Your skin needs a lot of nutrients with adequate moisturizer and water when you go about in life. As long as you have a very regular amount of water and follow your methods judiciously, you will find that your skin actually basks in it. It helps decrease the dullness of the skin and leaves your skin looking like a beautiful flower, both in terms of touch and velvety texture. Natural vitamin E in the products also helps in maintaining the balance of the sebum content, tightens the skin, reduces pigmentation and keeps your skin hydrated all throughout.

As long as you have a set amount of precautions, labeling, timing and a schedule set for skincare, which has a proper incorporation of vitamin c, you will find that your skin gradually becomes a lot healthier in the future and will become a lot softer, flexible, tighter and cleaner too. Maintaining a skincare routine is always a lot harder than making and ideating it but in case you successfully do so, you will experience wonders in no time, in terms of your own personal memories with it.

  • Regulates Excess Oil Production

Oily skin can be a real pain; we’re sure having a greasy glow and pores full of dust is not what you have in mind when stepping into the not-so-refreshing air. It is understandable that it is disturbing and alarming as well. People with oily skin often tend to wear the bare minimum amount of skin-hydrating products. Skin hydration is of utmost importance for everyone, whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or a combination. However, this magical ingredient can really help you say “ta-ta” to your oily skin, which clearly screams for help. Regular application of Vitamin C serum helps your skin reduce excess sebum secretion over time thereby, balancing the natural skin oil. With time, you will start seeing changes and the flawless glow that it truly deserves. 

Well, at the very least, we would really like for you to try this amazing ingredient on your own and see what wonders it does for your skin. After witnessing such promising and glamorous results, we bet you would never miss this ritual out of your skin care routine!

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