Ayurveda is in our very being. Every one of us belongs to nature and Ayurveda is a part of this nature. Its therapeutic benefits are a powerful elixir for wellness. This ancient wisdom, carefully handed down through the ages, is now being revisited for a healthier and safer beauty care. 

Wellness is all about the balance of energies. The biological energies found in the human body and mind are called doshas. The doshas define physical, mental and emotional characteristics of every individual and makes them unique. 

There are three doshas and each is influenced by the five elements. 

The VATA dosha is influenced by qualities of Air and Space. It translates to ‘wind’ and is known to be the force that influences movement, creativity and expression. 

The PITTA dosha is influenced by Fire and Water. It reflects the metabolism, temperature and heat. 

The KAPHA dosha is influenced by Earth and Water. Physical form, structure and functionality of the body are the key functions of this dosha. 

A balanced state of doshas results in optimal wellness. For most individuals, one dosha is more heightened than the other doshas. Sometimes due to lifestyle, diet, use of products etc, there is an imbalance due to which some or all doshas will be reduced or increased. An imbalance in each dosha causes different results in the body. But the balance can be restored by making a change in diet, experiencing nature and changing lifestyle. 

Taking a leaf from these basic principles of Ayurveda, Sadhev was born. All the formulations for our products and their treatment benefits are curated according to the principles of tri-dosha. Every product bears testimony to hours of research spent on creating a perfect balance of therapeutic value, usage, fragrance and aesthetics. We chose exotic ingredients that are sure to elevate your wellness quotient and reveal natural beauty that is well worth the journey and time we have taken to ensure it. This is our art, Sadhev’s Art of Ayurveda.