The Miraculous Benefits Of Amla For Hair

Date: December 15, 2023 | epnwd

Have you ever looked into the mirror, admired your tresses and suddenly felt a surge of confidence in yourself? We sure have! In the quest for gorgeous hair, we have often experienced that going back to our roots is the answer for almost everything. In this blog, let us talk about one such natural ingredient that can be a transformative addition to your hair care routine; Amla. 

We shall touch upon the benefits of using Amla for hair and also figure out the most effective ways of incorporating this ingredient into our hair care routine. 

7 Benefits Of Amla For Hair 

Let us acquaint you with some noteworthy advantages of Amla powder for your hair:

  • Powerhouse Of Nutrients 

Amla is full of essential nutrients, antioxidants and Vitamin C that can play a pivotal role in augmenting hair growth. (1) If you want to get longer, stronger and thicker tresses, you must experience the advantages of Amla for hair. 

  • Mitigates Hair Loss

When we use Amla for hair, the antioxidants content can protect your hair and scalp from oxidative damage. This is helpful in strengthening your hair follicles which results in less hair loss. 

  • Naturally Condition Your Hair 

The Vitamin C and other nutrients present in Amla make it work well as a natural hair conditioner. One of the greatest benefits of Amla for hair is that it can enhance the natural shine of your hair. 

  • Keeps Greys Away

The antioxidants in Amla can ward off oxidative stress, thus preventing premature greying of hair. 

  • Helps Manage Dandruff 

When we use Amla for hair, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (2) can aid in dandruff management. This is also helpful in reinforcing your overall hair health. 

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  • Balances pH level of Scalp

Another noteworthy advantage of Amla powder is that it can balance the pH level of the scalp and create a conducive scalp environment for healthy hair. 

  • Improves Blood Circulation on the Scalp

Another important benefit of Amla for hair is that it can improve blood circulation to your scalp. This is great for your overall scalp and hair health as your hair follicles are able to get proper blood supply for optimal hair growth. 

From adding natural shine to your hair to nourishing it from within, the expansive list of advantages of Amla for hair will encourage you to include it in your hair care routine pronto! There are a number of ways to use Amla for hair and one of the most preferred ways is to use hair care products that are infused with the goodness of this ingredient. Sadhev’s Ayurvedic anti-hair fall conditioner and natural hair colour are two of our favourites. Take a look at their website and check out an expansive range of Amla-enriched hair care products. So, look no further? Add this magical ingredient to your hair care routine and watch the magic unfold! 

Frequently Asked Questions On Using Amla For Hair 

Q. Does amla really stop hair fall?

A: Hair strengthening is one of the major advantages of Amla powder. It can strengthen your hair follicles, balance the pH level of your scalp and therefore help in reducing hair fall. 

Q. Is amla good for your face?

A: Amla has many beneficial antioxidants. Being rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients, it has immense benefits for your skin. 

Q. Can amla regrow hair?

A: By strengthening your hair and improving the blood supply to your scalp, Amla can be helpful in stimulating hair growth. 

Q. Is amla good for natural hair?

A: Yes. Amla is excellent for natural hair. It has natural hair stretching and conditioning properties that can improve the natural texture of your hair. 



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