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Natural Rose Water Toner |150Ml |Sadhev

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Rose Water 150ml

extracts of Rosa Centifolia 

SADHEV’s Natural Rose Water Toner is the secret ingredient your beauty regimen has been missing all along. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water are known to reduce acne and control oily skin. Distilled from the finest roses in India, this aromatic elixir can soothe, moisturise and tone your skin and render it a luminous afterglow.

-Gentle and safe

-100% organic

-Best for oily skin


Rosa centifolia (Rose flower(Fl.)) - 0.1 % Water - Q.S INACTIVE- Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin – Q.S. In base made with Natural oils, perfume and approved colour – Q.S. 

DIRECTION OF USE: EYE CARE : Take a few  drops of Rose Water on a cotton pad and keep it over closed eyes for a few minutes to reduce wrinkles, lines and dark circles.  SKIN CARE : Soak a cotton pad with rose water & slowly wipe on cleansed face before moisturizing. It acts as a natural toner. 

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