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Natural Lip Balm |Beetroot & Coconut | 5G |Sadhev

Rs. 500


Natural Lip Balm 5g

extracts of Coconut and Beetroot 

Give your lips the kiss of life with this deep-nourishing herbal formulation from SADHEV. This buttery-smooth blend of pure beetroot and coconut extracts can lock in moisture, reverse discoloration and make your lips look dewy-fresh all day long.

-100% chemical-free

-Suitable for dry and sensitive skin


contains extracts of Cocus nucifera (Coconut palm(Enm.)) - 0.5%, Ricinus communis(Castor oil(Sd.))- 0.5%, Bixa orellana(Annatto(Sd.)) - 0.01%, Beta Vulgaris(Beet-root(Rt.)) - 0.01%, Alkanna tinctoria(Alkanet(Rt.)) - 0.01%, Indigo feratinctoria(Henna(Lf.)) - 0.01%, Lawsonia inermis(Indigo plant(Lf.)) - 0.01%. Base made with natural oils, natural wax, natural butters, natural colours and Flavor -Q.S. 

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