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Ayurvedic Hair Colour | Black | Single Process | Sadhev

Rs. 695


Natural Hair Color Single Process

Single process henna


2 X 100g Hair colour 

1 Pair Hand Gloves

1 no Shower Cap 





Advantages of SADHEV Hair Colour 

1 Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Ingredients.
2 Free from chemical or paraphenylenediamine (or a variant).
3 Not harmful to hair or skin.
4 Free from documented side effects found safe 

for continuous usage. 


1. Take the required amount of powder in a bowl (plastic or stainless steel) and add the right amount of normal water to it. Mix well to make a thick paste.

2. Apply the hair colour paste immediately (use within 15 min) on dry and oil free hair evenly using the hand gloves provided. Please use a comb if necessary to help ease the process.

3. Post application, cover your hair with the shower cap provided. Keep your hair in the same wet condition for 1 hour and do not dry your hair.

4. After 1 hour, please remove the shower cap and wash your hair with plain water. Please do not use any shampoo/shikakay/conditioner immediately.

5. Thoroughly wipe your hair with a towel and let your hair dry naturally. Please do not use a hair drier.

6. It’s normal for your hair to turn slightly green or blue initially. You will notice your hair gradually turn into a natural black colour within about 2-3 hours of washing and drying it.

7.Please wait for three days before using any shampoo or conditioner. We recommend using Sadhev's shampoo and conditioner to help ensure that the colour stays.

Give your tresses a flawless makeover with SADHEV’s Ayurvedic hair colour. Restore your hair’s lustre with this organic blend of henna and indigo. Let your crown of glory look natural, healthy and shiny from root to tip with this 100% safe and chemical-free herbal formula.

-Suitable for sensitive skin.

-Suitable for dry, frizzy and curly hair.

-Ideal for continuous usage.



If you have used synthetic hair colours in the past, we recommend you try our Natural Hair Colour Double process first for best results. 


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