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Ayurvedic Hair Colour | Brown + Black |Double Process | Sadhev

Rs. 695


Revitalising Colour . Natural Ayurveda A gentle, Ayurvedic formula that results in healthy, shiny and perfectly black hair. 


Lawsonia inermis(Henna(Lf.)) - 50%, Indigofera tinctoria(Indigo(Lf.)) - 50% 

At Sadhev we go to the ends of the country to source the finest herbs to make our Hair colour. Our product is completely natural, chemical free and easy to use. 


Hair colour Hand Gloves Shower Cap 





2 X 100g

1 Pair

1 no 

Advantages of SADHEV Hair Colour 

1 Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Ingredients.
2 Free from chemical or paraphenylenediamine (or a variant).
3 Not harmful to hair or skin.
4 Free from documented side effects found safe 

for continuous usage. 

Turn the clock back with SADHEV’s Ayurvedic hair colour. Restore your hair’s true glory with this organic blend of henna and indigo. Our experts have formulated this two-step process to ensure that you don't miss any spots and your hair looks flawless from root to tip from the very first use.

-100% safe and chemical-free.

-Suitable for sensitive skin.

-Suitable for dry, frizzy and curly hair.

-Ideal for continuous usage.


Step One: Applying the Brown Base - Mix the contents of the pack into a bowl of water with lemon juice (1 lemon) to make a thick paste and keep aside for an hour. Apply evenly on hair with the gloves provided. For the best results cover your hair with the shower cap (included in pack) for 1-2 hours. Note: Apply paste only 60 minutes post preparation. Mix what is needed as per length of hair. Store the balance powder, if any, in an airtight container for re-use. 

Step Two: Applying the Black Base* - Mix the contents of the pack into a bowl of water and gently stir to make a paste. Apply evenly to hair with the gloves provided. Don’t let it drip onto face while applying. For best results, cover hair with shower cap (included in the pack) for 60 minutes. Rinse it off after an hour. Note: Apply prepared paste within 15 minutes of mixing. Mix what is needed as per length of hair. Store the remaining powder, if any, in an air tight container for re-use. 

*For best results, apply black base 24-hrs after brown base 


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