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Ayurvedic Lip Gel | Coconut & Castor Oil | 5G |Sadhev

Rs. 900


Herbal Lip Gel 5g

extracts of Coconut Castor oil & Annatto 


Contains extracts of : Cocus nucifera(Coconut palm(Enm.)) - 0.5% Ricinus communis(Castor oil(Sd.))- 0.5% Bixa orellana(Annatto(Sd.)) - 0.01% Alkanna tinctoria(Alkanet(Rt.)) - 0.01% . Base made with Natural oils, Wax, Butters, Flavour and approved colour -Q.S 


Using the applicator, evenly spread a small amount of the gel on your lips. Reapply as much and as often. 

Kiss dull and dry lips goodbye with this healing gel formulated from the purest of Mother Nature’s treasures. SADHEV has blended two of the finest moisturizing agents out there—coconut and castor oil—to heal, brighten and moisturise your lips. Give your lips a buttery-smooth, rosy-fresh makeover today!

-100% chemical-free

-Suitable for all skin types

-Reapply as much and as often

Natural herbal formulations tend to change colour over time. However, the product efficacy remains unchanged 


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