The Art of Ayurveda


SADHEV’s product line is aimed at providing a safe, natural and Ayurvedic alternative to chemical products for everyday use. Our skin is sensitive, and a little support from nature ensures it stays healthy, radiant, moist and youthful. 

SADHEV brings to you a stunning range of Ayurvedic products to restore natural beauty. Our products treat your skin delicately and with the reverence it deserves. 

An array of exotic resources for beauty aids, cures and treatments are available with Mother Earth. The secret lies in choosing what we need most. Our ancestors ventured down this path decades ago and handed down their wisdom through the ages. It is this timeless and valuable knowledge that has gone into curating SADHEV for the modern man and woman. 

At our 13000 sq. ft. Innovation and Discovery Center*, ancient wisdom coalesces with science. A team of Ayurveda Vaidars, Scientists, Cosmetologists and pharmacologists spend hours in product testing and development. This synergy has resulted in body care and beauty products that are exquisite. Our choice of vitalizing ingredients is well-researched, measured and meticulously curated so that you feel the richness and exceptional benefits of Ayurveda. 

Our journey is just beginning. There is much more to come. Unraveling Mother Nature’s mysteries and using them in a responsible and respectful manner is one of the core principles of SADHEV. 

So indulge in our elevating range of products that your fragile skin craves. Give your hair that shine, effortless bounce and volume that you have always dreamed of. Spoil yourself freely with our soaps, shampoos, hair colours, conditioners, oils, lotions, gels, toners and more, knowing that we have made it just for you. It is time to celebrate your body, skin and hair with the harmony of nature, wisdom of our ancestors, the strength of modern scientific research and the Art of Ayurveda. 

*Accredited by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and approved by the Drugs Controller.