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Rejuvenating Bathing Bar | Melon & Aloe Vera | 125G | Sadhev

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Bathing Bar - Melon and Aloe Vera 125g

Revitalising & Rejuvenating 

Bringing you the wonders of mother nature with the freshness of melon and healing properties of aloe vera that soothe, refresh andlighten yourskintogiveita beatific glow. 

Ingredients : composition in % 

Prunus amygdalus(Sweet almond(oil)) - 1% Aloe barbadensis(Indian Aloe(Lf.Pp.)) - 0.1% Zingiber zerumbet(Wild ginger(Rz.)) - 0.002% Plumbago indica(Red lead wort(Rt.)) - 0.001 % 

Aloe there! Are you ready to try out the best aloe vera and melon bathing bar ever? Rejuvenate your skin every day with SADHEV’s organic blend based in pure vegetable glycerine. Let your face and body glow like never before with the bursting freshness of aloe vera and the delightful fragrance of melon. Suitable for sensitive skin.


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