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Depigmentation Bathing Bar | Goat Milk & Jojoba Butter | 125G | Sadhev

Rs. 595

Bathing Bar - Goat Milk and Jojoba Butter 125g

Depigmentation & Detanning 

This ancient remedy of goat milk and honey coupled with jojoba body butter is rich in skin minerals and vitamins that actively moisturize and restore the skin’s natural wellness. 

Ingredients : composition in % 

(Honey/Apis spp) - 0.2 %
Zingiber zerumbet(Wild Ginger(Rz.)) - 0.002% Plumbago indica(Red lead wort(Rt.)) - 0.001 % Capra aegagrus hircus(Goat milk) - 0.001 % 

Want skin as smooth as butter? Make your wish come true with SADHEV’s soothing blend of goat milk, honey and jojoba body butter. Restore your skin’s natural glow and lock in the moisture with this organic formula rich in vitamins and minerals. Suitable for dry skin. 

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